January In The Hills

31 Jan

My great grandma Helen was born in 1911 and grew up in the hills that I now call home. Through her adult years she began to keep a diary about her life, her love of nature and passion for agriculture. She only finished the 8th grade, but education was always important to her, important enough to help her great-grandkids through college. Her love for reading and writing traveled to my mom and even to me. I am honored to now have her old journals and I would like to share this entry I recently found about the hills in the cold month of January. It is unedited and depicts her original work.

“Another year, what will it bring? The sun already lean towards spring and summer. But we still have the long slow haul up the cold slope toward spring, January seem a long month to me. We will face the killer wind, but days begin to lengthen. You can watch for the snow birds to come ahead of a snow storm, Indians call the moon in January the wolf moon, that when hunger drove the pack. These are good evenings to sit by the fire and listen to the wind with a good book to read. So many people today don’t know anything but a T.V. instead of listening to the night sounds, winter music is the creak of snow under your boot, the boom of ice on the frozen lake or river, the song of sleigh runners as you move along.

Then always a January thaw, then the snowdrifts always a beautiful thing, but makes work and sometimes our roads close here in the hills.

When January is gone we look toward spring. Seed catalogues to plan and dream dreams.”


One Response to “January In The Hills”

  1. Carla Bellis February 1, 2012 at 5:21 AM #

    I can hear the wind blowing and the fire crackling. What a beautiful picture!

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