Resume Builders

31 Jan

Through high school, college and now in adulthood I have had every job known to man. I have been a farm hand, waitress and secretary. I have worked at a sporting goods store, grocery store and home décor store. I have been a para-professional in a special education classroom and an agriculture education teacher. I have worked in radio, been a free-lance writer and currently am a per-course instructor at Missouri State. What I am proud to call my current career is a full-time farmer.

I get to work alongside my husband each day (through the good, bad & ugly), view the beautiful rolling hills each morning and passionately care for the needs of our cattle. I gave up my career as a teacher and moved to my great grandma’s hills to support my husband and pursue a dream we had together. Because of this I have had the opportunity to master a few tasks I am sure should be added to my resume. Both these career builders are things I have been accustomed to my entire life, but not until now have I had the chance to perfect them to this degree. Can you guess what they are?

The first task is Gate Getter. My sister and I spent our entire childhoods checking cattle with our dad. While we traveled from pasture to pasture we would often sing along together to pass the time away. My dad taught us songs from his childhood and we would teach him ones we learned at vacation bible school. My sister and I would race to the truck fighting for the center seat, telling our dad we both wanted to sit by him. Don’t get me wrong we both wanted to sit by him, but we both secretly knew that who ever sat by the window, had to get the gate. I’m not sure he ever caught on and I’ll be the late to disappoint him now. Gate getting is essential to farm life, but no one enjoys it. Now, I have to open two gates just to get to my house. I have to get the gate when I’m alone, but I don’t understand why it’s always the passenger’s job to get the gate. Maybe I should start offering to drive more. So, after 20+ years of gate getting and an extensive amount in the last 8 months, I feel Professional Gate Getter is my new title.

The second task is Bale Wrap Taker Offer (BWTO and no not B-DOUBLEU-T-O but pronounced B-DUB-T-O using your best Jersey Shore impression). To be honest, I like feeding hay. I like driving my big green tractor while jamming out to the radio. It is peaceful and gives me time to think and take in the scenery. But I hate taking off the net wrap. I grew up with twine, not net wrap. I don’t mind getting out in the cold (yes, I get to drive a cab tractor). It just takes so long to climb up and down the steps to the tractor over and over again. And I know it sounds like I am whining, but my knees start to hurt. Which probably is caused from my high school years of playing basketball and just plain bad knee genes. Thanks Dad or should I say/point the blame to Grandma Dorothy. We have a lot of cows so a lot of hay is fed each day. Thus, I have a lot of experience in taking of net wrap. I feel I have mastered this task and I like to see how fast I can get it off before all the cows swarm around me. Anyone hiring a Professional BWTO?

Under work experience I am honored to be able to add these two titles and I am sure my dad and husband would give me a good letter of recommendation.


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