To the Morning Glory

2 Feb

I remember a year ago today my husband and I were traipsing through about three foot of snow to feed the stock and playing a heck of a lot of Mario Kart to pass the time away. I had about 15 snow days (that’s when I was teaching young minds) and neither car nor truck could make it out of the driveway. The weather today made me think of spring. My mother-in-law called today and said her Bradford Pear tree was starting to bud. This made me look outside and I noticed my yard thinks it spring too. I know the groundhog saw its shadow today, but I can’t help but think our good Lord has given us a short winter and spring is really on its way.

In honor of this great weather I want to share a journal entry I ran across of my great-grandma’s titled, “To the Morning Glory.” Her favorite topic to discuss or write about was always nature. She paints a beautiful portrait for our minds to picture. Remember it is unedited and depicts her original work.

Did you ever notice the Morning Glory. Wild ones climbing over a old rail fence, or along the rocky hillside, and along the dusty road, yes, and in the corn field close by the river, my how, they could grow and climb there. I love the Morning Glory. One I remember was the Heavenly Blue, planted by my mother, at the foot of the clothes line post, they would climb up the rough old post out over its weather beaten arms, there they would bloom and nod in the early dawn with the dew still on making them gleam like silver. They were as beautiful as the blue sky over head.

No steel post in those days, just a small tree cut from the hillside near by and sit in a deep hole, with a cross piece or arm from the mill near by a creek, nailed at the top. Most of the hill-folks had clothesline in the back yard, some used the bushes or trees to spread clothes to dry. But we always had a line in back to hang our on. A paleing fence around our yard, made from the boards cut from the hillside near by then split by my dad into what we called paleings that made a fancy fence, not many people had one. That fence was a wonderful place for the Morning Glory to run. If we had a fence like that today many people would stop to admire it, it was a beautiful fence in the hills. When dawn was breaking and the red streaked the sky, one lone bird from the depts. Of the deep wood near by makes a noise, then all the forest is alive for the day, the Whipper O’ Will and the Owl would hunt the deep shade for the day and wait till twilight to call again. That is when the Morning Gory makes a beautiful sight, turns that old post into a living Cross of “Heavenly Blue.” Are we like that post?  You can be a piece of dead wood or plant something that will give at least a semblance of life, so says the Rev. Roger Arnett, keep climbing toward heaven and make life beautiful for some one else.

Helen Johnson Beard


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