How fast can you move in the mud?

8 Feb

How fast can you move in the mud?

Yesterday that seemed to be the question of the day.

After about a month of mending fences and building a coral, we finally were able to sort about 250 mama cows at a new place we lease. This land is picturesque with rolling hills and beautiful creek bottoms. But this gorgeous scenery means for slightly rigid terrain. To gather the herd everyone saddled up their horses and I saddled up my steel horse…AKA the feed truck. To me, I have the most important job. If they cows don’t have me to follow, then they won’t know where to go. The best part is my steel horse comes with a heater.

This group of cows are newly acquired, so we weren’t able to specifically identify the cows to ‘watch out for’ like in other pastures. Naturally you want mama cows to defend their young, but some just don’t know the difference between a helping hand and a predator. And others simply have no brakes when they see an open hole. So, as you can guess we had our running shoes on just incase we needed to high tail it up the nearest fence. Over the last couple of days we have been fortunate to get some rain. Rain is good, but have you ever tried to sort cattle in thick, sticky, Missouri mud? From first hand experience, it isn’t easy. When I woke up this morning my legs felt like I had just finished the first week of basketball practice in high school. Luckily, I only had to dodge a few defiant mama cows and only fell down in the mud once. My husband was thankfully the only witness, but after asking me if I was okay, secretly started laughing to himself. Although, I wasn’t hurt I had to start laughing too or otherwise I would have cried, simply because my pride was definitely broken.

So, how fast can you move in the mud? Not very fast, but as long as your next step isn’t stuck behind you, your pride won’t be left there either. Moral of the story: Mud may slow you down, but laughter keeps you going.

I am sure my great-grandma can tell similar stories of working cattle in these same hills. But she wouldn’t have needed a steel horse or a pair of running shoes.

Here are a few pictures I snapped with my iPhone when no one was looking. I have to keep it hidden or my boss (my husband) thinks I’m just playing around on Facebook or Twitter. I call it working!


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