Reality Show on the Road

24 Feb

I just read my AgWired daily news update and I am so sad I missed out on the latest ZimmPoll. They asked, “What’s the next “big” thing in ag comm/social media?” The majority of voters said smartphones/mobile apps are the next big thing. This would easily have been my second vote, because I can’t lie about my obsession with my lil best friend (aka my iPhone). Reality Show on the RoadBut farm reality TV show would have won my vote. My husband and I have had multiple conversations about turning life on the show road into a reality show. No, I do not me the Broadway show road. I am talking about life traveling from livestock show to livestock show. Those who have traveled from the American Royal to North American International Livestock Expedition to National Western Stock Show to Fort Worth Stock Show and then to Houston Livestock Show all have a story to tell. Some from the winners circle and others from late night barn parties. Cameras can capture the breed rivalries and the scandalous barn relationships. Then catch the early mornings and hours of getting ready for those few minutes of glory in the ring. Can’t you picture it?

I have met some of my best friends over the years showing cattle. That’s even how I met my husband. During my first year of teaching agriculture education I had a freshman girl ask me how I met my husband. I responded with, “It started when my dad hired him…” I didn’t have time to finish the sentence before the entire class erupted in laughter. It took me a second to get what they were laughing at. I finally was able to say, “It started when my dad hired him to fit cattle for us at the Ozark Empire Fair.” But my students never forgot my blunder in word choice and continued to believe money was exchanged between my dad and husband. I can honestly say after that summer at the Ozark Empire Fair the rest was history. My husband and I still travel from show to show year-round exhibiting cattle, hanging out with friends and of course making new ones.

I hope you join me in thinking the next reality show should be called, “The Show Road.”

And don’t think you can go make money on this amazing idea without cutting me a check.


One Response to “Reality Show on the Road”

  1. myangusexpedition February 28, 2012 at 9:28 PM #

    Wow, its funny that you say that farm reality TV show because many of my angus friends have been offered a tv show for showing cattle! I like the post and can relate to this very much!

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