Moving Day

1 Mar

From the day I was born to the day I went to college I lived in the same house. It was actually the same house my dad grew up in. There are many memories from that old farmhouse. Although I spent 18 years living in the same house, since then I have moved nine times. I am the self proclaimed Queen of Moving. Some moves were throughout college, others were for new jobs or career changes. I have never left the state of Missouri, but I have lived very close to three different states all at the same time. Each move happened at different times of the year and I can guarantee my husband and I have exhausted our family and friends with the moving process. U-Haul LogoThey have all helped with one move or another by backing boxes, unloading boxes and deep cleaning. We don’t rent U-Hauls or Two Men and a Truck. We load up all our belongings in a stock trailer. A few moves were in town and you can imagine the looks from neighbors when we pulled up with a 24-foot Gooseneck and start unloading boxes from the same rig we used to haul cattle just days before.

The most recent move for my husband and I landed us in my Great Grandma’s hills. We might move down the road some day, but here I finally feel at home. Today as I was trying to organize my grandma’s writings I came across the following passage. I thought it was very fitting due to the fact that I am the Queen of Moving and its March 1st. We are easy to complain about moving using our modern conveniences, but can you imagine moving with only a team of horses and wagon? I kind of compare the old timers horse and buggy to my stock trailer.

Remember it is unedited and depicts her original work.

March, the 1st use to be moving date for farmer’s, moving is never easy but than it wasn’t easy.  We didn’t have trucks or moving van’s, we use team and wagon.  We pull the machinery by the team of horses and drove the live stock, behind the wagon loaded with furniture.  You never moved very far way just a few miles to the next farm.  Perhaps a crate of chickens or an old sow and pigs.  A turning walking plow.  An old steel wheel mower horse drawn, and dump rake and if you was lucky you might own a corn planter.  (you usually barrowed one) you move march the first so you could get started breaking ground for oats and corn, a team of horses and a walking plow, you turn one furrow each time you cross the field.  Yes, moving day was always March 1, not later then the 15th.

Old Wagon

I found this picture on a favorite website of mine, AgWired. I am guessing this wagon is very similar to the ones my grandma and her neighbors in the Ozarks Hills used on their moving days.


The Beverly Hillbillies Moving Day A tribute to a hilarious show, The Beverly Hillbillies. I can picture a wagon piled as high as this one on moving day in my grandma’s hills.


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