The Farmer’s Salute

14 Mar

I remember driving around with my grandpa as a youngster and noticing his silent hello to those we passed. Some were people he knew and others were simply strangers. You all know the silent gesture I am talking about. Hands are firmly gripping the stirring wheel while raising the pointer and middle fingers high in the air. I have paid little attention to this action as an adult until recently.The Farmer's Salute

I got to play truck driver yesterday hauling hay we recently bought to one of our pastures where cows are well into spring calving. As the day went on I began to notice a few fellow farmers silently saying hello to me as I passed. At first I didn’t think anything of it, but soon I found myself firmly gripping the steering wheel and bringing up my two fingers in response. As the day came to an end without even noticing I realized I was starting to initialize the silent conversation when I passed a like-minded neighbor. Being new to the hills I now call home means I know few of my neighbors. As an outsider we have to work harder to prove ourselves as good farmers. I feel this small gesture let them know I appreciated their hard work and dedication to the land and expanded on our budding relationship as neighbors.

After yesterday’s time on the road I now would like to refer to that silent hello as the Farmer’s Salute. So, next time you are on the road grip the steering wheel and proudly raise those two fingers to salute a local farmer whether you are one or not. I hope it puts a smile on your face and theirs showing the mutual respect for each other.


2 Responses to “The Farmer’s Salute”

  1. Maddee March 14, 2012 at 3:03 PM #

    It is the same way at home, you can tell who the “natives” are by the wave. I miss rural America for it’s friendly ways. Lubbock is not even that big, but as soon as you approach the edge of town you get the wave.

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