Honey Heaven

17 Apr

Who doesn’t like honey? I for one am a honey lover. Sunday dinners aren’t complete without biscuits fresh from the oven and a dollop of honey. Recently my grandpa brought home some fresh local honey a neighbor had given him. It was rich, pure and my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I recently came across a writing from my great grandma about honey and thought I would share it with you in honor of Sunday biscuits and honey. Remember it is unedited and depicts her original work.Honey Heaven


  1. Bacteria cannot live in the presence of honey.  It is a excellent source of potassium.
  2. The pollen of many flower’s has a higher vitamin C content than most any fruit or vegetable.  Honey contains pollen.
  3. Honey is packed with the things the body needs to build and rebuild itself.  It gives quick energy release.  It is a good breakfast food.  It act as a sedative it kelp to calm the nerves, it does no harm only good to the human body.  It will produce sleep at night, relieve pain in arthritis soothing to the stomach, it has a laxative action and will kelp relieve a cough.  Most babies on cow milk has syrup in it, most difficulty for babies is the sweetening again honey is the one to use, babies fed on honey rarely have colic.

Use Honey to Sleep, Cough Remedy

Boil a lemon 10 minutes so you get more juice, put juice in a ordinary drinking glass, add 2 tablespoons of glycerine, stir juice any glyerine will fill glass up with honey.  Stir before taking it. One teaspoon when needed.

Honey for Burn’s

It relieves pain, and prevents blisters and produce rapid healing.  A tablespoon of honey at bed time sooth the nerves and keeps from bed-wetting.


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