My Great Great Grandpa’s Birthday Month

12 Jun

My Great Great Grandpa's Birthday MonthIt has been awhile since I have posted something from my great-grandma Helen. As I was flipping through some of her writings I came across the perfect one for this time in June.

Here she writes about her dads birthday month, June. She paints a beautiful picture of my great-great-grandpa and the things that put a smile on his face.

Remember that this is unedited and depicts her own work.

“June, is the month of roses and the daisies, Spring is over and summer begins, schools are out, it is fishing time, the wild rose is blooming along the fence and roadside, it is honeysuckle time with its rich perfume filling the air, it is straw hat time, and we in the country are going barefooted with our feet in the warm earth and after a shower the cool black mud.  The birds make music all day and the whipperwill will call at night, new potatoes and peas, hay making time, corn is growing and it is weed cutting time, June twilight is the time to stop and look around you warm, dew on the grass, and the may night noises you can almost hear the things grow.

Hollyhocks blooming at every doorstep in 1885, sweet peas climbing over the fence and whipperwills call in June.  Memories come back to me of my fun loving dad, those two he loved, sweet peas and the call of the whipperwill.  The bumblebee on the clover, Junebugs in the air, June is a wonderful time to live, it is summer at its best, blackberry vines are white with blossoms.  The mocking bird singing all day from a high limb and far into the night, fireflies winking in the darkness and a small child chasing them across the lawn to put in a bottle, moonlight nights perfume of roses warm and lovely.

Dad, was born June 14 1885, in a little log-cabin far back in the hills, among the birds and the wild flowers and moonlight.  When I look up in the heavens at night on a warm June night I remember my dad, how he loved the great out doors, to listen at night as the dogs chased a coon along the river, or a fox chase over the hill or in a valley, as he sit on the old stone door step or as he answered a owl or called a quail close by as he whistled like its mate.  The stories he told or when we just sit and listened, the walks in the woods and fishing in the river.  Yes, June will always bring fond memories of my dad.”


2 Responses to “My Great Great Grandpa’s Birthday Month”

  1. paulhortenstine June 12, 2012 at 10:00 AM #

    Loved this, too bad so many don’t take time these days to enjoy the simple things.

  2. Carla Bellis June 12, 2012 at 1:42 PM #

    You can just smell the flowers and feel the sun on your face when reading this. Not too different than summers when I was a child in the 1960’s. I picked wild blackberries, caught fireflies, ran barefoot, and listened to all those sounds. God’s creation so beautiful and missed by so many.

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