Land of My Ancestors

24 Jul

Like I have mentioned before, about a year ago I moved to the hills of my great grandma. My great grandparents, Stanley and Helen, grow up in the Ozark Mountains south of Lebanon, Mo. They spent their entire lives working the land and raising a family. Throughout this past year I have met many neighbors who still tell stories of their hard work and stubborn nature. It is easy to see their memory still spreads thick across these rolling hills.

About 15 years ago half of the ranch was sold after my great grandpa Stanley passed away. The other half has been farmed by their son-in-law, my grandpa Carl. A couple of months ago the people who bought the farm put it on the market. I cried with joy the moment I found out and knew I had to do everything in my power to see that the land my great grandpas parents homesteaded years ago was back in the hands of family.

Today my husband and meet with our local FSA agent to see if we will qualify for a first-time farm owners low-interest loan. This is the only way we might be able to put an offer on my families land. I am sick with worry that something will go wrong and I ask for prayers as this meeting takes place. I know that God has a plan for my husband and I and I pray for peace in my heart as we wait for answers.


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