Turnips, Rye & Some Tractor Time

27 Sep

My fun-loving husband has went back to his roots the past couple of weeks. Growing up in Central Missouri row crops were the farming of choice. Here in the hills you just don’t see too much of it. Too many hills. Too many rocks. But due to the lack of rain this spring and summer our pastures were in need of some extra TLC. After some research done at the local coffee shop, my hubs decided that he would broadcast turnips and rye grass and follow it up with the harrow.

I grew up on a tractor making many rounds in the hay field during the summer months and if you know me you can guess how bored I got. You can only talk to yourself for so long without seeming crazy and we never owned a cab tractor so a radio was completely out of the question. But I do have to say I always had one of the best tans of all my friends.

What I find odd is the fact that he was actually excited about sitting on a tractor hour after hour, day after day. There must be something in the blood of those northerners. All I have to say is thank goodness I married one of those Yankees because I would rather do almost anything then ride around in circles on a tractor all day. But I did capture a few photos of my dirt farming husbands efforts.

Can you name the seed?


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