Superstitious Season

1 Oct

I can’t believe it is already October 1st. It is officially Halloween season. I know we have seen decorations, customs and candy in stores for well over a month, but today is the day that I will publicly acknowledge the holiday. (Yes, I am aware that you can already find Christmas décor in stores, which I find ridiculous, but that topic deserves it’s own post entirely.)

In honor of the Halloween season I want to share a few superstitions I found of my great grandmas. I am sure she had many more growing up in these rural hills, but she only wrote two of them down.

  • Whippoorwills and cicada’s at nightfall, when you hear a wood thrush sing, that was an omen of death.
  • If hoot owls bother you of night, jist git up and turn your shoes upside down under the bed and they stop right away.

Do you have your own superstitions or have you heard a few from your family members?


One Response to “Superstitious Season”

  1. Marsha Russell October 3, 2012 at 7:07 PM #

    It’s bad luck to toss your hat on a bed.

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