A Rich History At The American Royal

6 Nov

The 2012 American Royal runs from Sept.9 – Nov. 17 and is chalk full of events for friends and family to partake in all promoting the wonderful world of agriculture. This event has such a rich history founded on the agricultural industry. In 1899 the very first American Royal took place in a tent at the Kansas City Stockyards as a National Hereford Show. Today, it has evolved into a place where people come to show livestock and horses, attend rodeos and concerts, and even come to taste award-winning barbecue.

The overall purpose for this historic event is, “To provide scholarship, education, awards and competitive learning experiences that reward hard work, leadership skills and agrarian values.”

“As an organization dedicated to youth and education, the American Royal reaches over 20,000 students annually with educational programs and events yearlong through the American Royal Museum, School Tours, Ranch Camp, KALF (Kids Agriculture Learning Fest) and various other programs. In 2011, the American Royal granted over $1,400,000 towards its purpose in the form of scholarships, competitive prize monies and educational awards.”

The past two weeks people from across the country have flocked to Kansas City, Mo. to exhibit their cattle, pigs, sheep and goats. I can’t tell you the last time I have missed showing at the American Royal. I started out there exhibiting cattle as a junior and creating memories with my family. Later as a college student I traveled there cultivating skills while working for others. And now I attend with my husband while promoting and exhibiting our own cattle. Each time developing life-time friendships and building a foundation for our future in the agriculture industry.


One Response to “A Rich History At The American Royal”

  1. cprocks1959 November 8, 2012 at 8:48 AM #

    It does have a pretty incredible history! My clearest memory is the unbelievable fear I experienced when your brother was lost going to tie-outs i the dark by the railroad tracks at age 3!

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