Behind The Auction Block

10 Dec

Sale day prep consists of a little bit more than just running cattle through the ring in the purebred cattle world. This past weekend we consigned a few of our Charolais heifers to the ShowGirls Charolais Sale. We also helped get them ready for the day. Take a behind the auction block look at what goes on before buyers gather in the stands.

Blowing drying the hair.

Each heifer and steer was given a bath the day before the sale. But just like a child playing outside, cattle don’t listen to you when you tell them to stay out of the mud. So, early sale day each one was ran back through the chutes and given a spot wash. Here I am blowing out the water and given the hair coat a final fluff.

Clipping tops.

Then comes the clipping crew to clip off any stray hairs that got missed a couple days before when they were clipped out.

Pulling tailhead.

Next comes a little bit of glue. Each will get the hair on their tail heads pulled using adhesive to make them look their best for the big day.

Clipping out tailhead.

Now time to bring out the clippers again. Here my husband is clipping off the long hairs on the tail head after adding the glue.

My view during the sale.

Once this process was repeated about 30 times, it was time for the sale to begin. This was my view during the sale. I put a comb through their hair one last time before they went into the ring as I ran the slider gates behind the auction block.

Good friend and photographer, Beverly Englert, took the following pictures during the sale. It’s always nice to have a professional around. Thanks Beverly for letting me share them.

Showgirls Crew

Here is the crew that made the magic happen. Thank you everyone for making the day a success!

Showgirls Jamie


No comment!

Showgirls Kevin & Jamie


We never get our picture taken together, because it seems I am always the one taking the pictures. Thanks again Beverly.

Showgirls Kevin DV

My husband, Kevin, also works for DV Auction. He is the one behind the scenes making it possible for you to watch sales from the comfort of your recliner.



One Response to “Behind The Auction Block”

  1. cprocks1959 December 11, 2012 at 6:00 AM #

    Great play by play! I know the heifers looked good because they were fitted by the best in the business (and I am not prejudiced one bit!)

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