1st Project is a Wrap

16 Oct

My grandma Charlotte taught me how to knit when I was young. I understood the concept, but never was able to make something that would actually serve a purpose. I guess it was something with using two needles. I could never get the tension right. My rows were either too tight or way too loose.  A2Z-2

Fast forward 20 years or so… Last year before Christmas I got it in my head I wanted to learn how to crochet. I guess I was feeling a little domestic. I found a book online called A to Z Crochet and added it to my Christmas wish list. It teaches you step-by-step in pictures. I am a visual learner and it was great to actually see what each step is suppose to look like. Luckily, my mother-in-law drew my name and I was more excited about that gift then any of the others.

I quickly bought some yarn and started to learn the basic stitches. Over the course of the last 8 months I have mastered the concept of crochet, but have yet to actually finish a project. I love making granny squares, but haven’t put them together to make anything. But once I found out we were having a little girl, I retreated to the closest Hobby Lobby and bought a bunch of yarn. I knew I wanted to make a baby blanket, but had no plan in mind. I soon found a pin on Pinterest I thought I could complete, but like I do with recipes, I made a few changes.

My hands seem to always need to be busy. So, crocheting in the evening while watching TV works great for me. My project soon started looking like something and I have finally finished it. I am defiantly hooked on crocheting. I can’t wait to start another project soon.Rainbow Crocket Blanket 1

In this picture I actually still need to add white to the other side of the pink. I ran out of white at the very end. I am not big on pastel colors and wanted something bright and colorful for the nursery. I chained 110, but in the future I will probably do 125-150. As you can tell I believe my tension still isn’t perfect. As I went my stitches got a little looser.

Rainbow Crochet Blanket 2

I used I Love This Yarn brand of yarn. I am sure there are better yarns out there, but this can be found in many different colors and is really soft. Throughout the entire project I did a single stitch (sc). It gives you a fairly tight stitch and a very warm blanket. I thought it was perfect since I am due in February. However, it does use quite a bit of yarn. In the future I will probably change it up a bit.


One Response to “1st Project is a Wrap”

  1. cprocks1959 October 16, 2013 at 10:51 AM #

    It is beautiful! Almost as beautiful as my grandaughter who will be wrapped in it!

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